🧐How to optimize the use of fat for energy purposes: mitochondria

➡️ An organism with a high propensity to metabolize fats for energy purposes, therefore with a high aerobic capacity, is an organism that has numerous mitochondria.

➡️ Mitochondria are organelles present in the cytoplasm of a eukaryotic cell, and represent the cellular "district" where fatty acids, originating from dietary triglycerides, are metabolized through cellular respiration (aerobic metabolism).

➡️ The use of fat by the mitochondria is mediated by the L- (carnitine) present within the outer mitochondrial membrane. This meta-analysis shows us how an administration of carnitine increased weight loss in the subjects examined in the study (PMID: 27335245)

⭐️ How can you increase your aerobic capacity, thus stimulating the formation of mitochondria?

1. With mainly aerobic physical activity

through the activation of a particular protein called PGC-1alpha (PMID: 31265325). I recommend that you do 2 weekly aerobic training sessions (running, rowing machine, HIIT workout, biking, hiking, canoeing, etc.) in addition to the weekly anaerobic training sessions.

2. With some blends of essential amino acids

(PMID: 33060458) I recommend that you take 5/10 g of essential amino acids per day (the intake weight depends on the personal daily requirement)