We are Michele & Deborah
What do you get when you cross two very different backgrounds with one shared passion? A new approach to wellness that puts people at the center of the experience.
Hi, I’m Michele.
Sports Nutrition Specialist
Hailing from Pescara in southern Italy, I grew up in a family where cooking was more than pastime, it was a tradition! If it wasn’t my talented chef of a Brother, or Mum’s famous focaccia, my fondest memories are of delicious food and special moments shared with those nearest and dearest.

After experiencing firsthand the social power of food I was drawn to the scientific side, studying Biology applied to science of nutrition in Milan, Italy.
That’s why I completed my training following the course “Sports Nutrition” at SANIS (School of Nutrition and Integration for Sports activity) in collaboration with ISSN (International Society of Sports Nutrition)

My Degrees & Certifications
I found wellness through nutrition and sport
After living and working in Italy, Australia and France, I was able to really broaden my understanding and approach to nutrition and sport. These diverse experiences helped me understand wellness is more than just the food you eat and the exercises you perform, it’s a way of life.

Throughout my travels I matured personally, and so did my focus, defining my own routine and maintaining over the years with pleasure, consistency and satisfaction.

For the last 6 years I have been helping people reach their goals and build healthier habits for life. It’s my goal to help you find wellness through nutrition and training, and experience the same satisfaction I feel everyday. I want to share the knowledge I have to give you the keys to make independent healthy choices.
Hi, I’m Deborah
Digital designer who puts humans at the heart
I come from Paris, from a family where food is much more than a meal, it represents traditions.

I’m not the type of person who was born loving cooking and eating healthy :) This is something I’ve learned and made part of my identity through time. Michele’s knowledge allowed me to adapt nutrition and training to myself and reach the psychophysical goals I had.

I’ve been a Service Designer for 6 years, improving people’s life by creating seamless digital experiences putting people first. I believe technology, when used correctly, can enhance our experience and empower us to learn and improve ourselves.
I am passionate about creating new habits
Changing my lifestyle wasn’t easy but change never is. Today, I’m using my experience to help others create new healthier habits and successfully navigate their journey to wellness.

I’m also currently completing a formation in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Yoga Teacher Training to enable me to combine the power of psychology and yoga to define an approach to facilitate healthy habits creation.

Through focus and understanding, you can thrive in both body and mind.
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